What's inside?

We fill our care packages with a variety of items that have been carefully chosen for their comforting, recuperative and reinvigorating properties. We make sure to always use trusted, branded products in our care packages - you only want the best for your friends and family after all. Occasionally though, a particular item might not be available, so when this happens we either double up on another item or include something not listed below. Here are some of the items that the lucky recipient can expect to find in a Mend A Friend care package:

To comfort

A chocolate bar

Chocolate The ultimate comfort food – proven to release endorphins and improve mood.

Jelly babies

Sweets A sugary treat can be the perfect thing to cheer someone up.

A cup of hot chocolate

Hot chocolate A warming drink perfect for fighting off a chill in the wintery months.

To treat

A lady trying to blow her nose

Decongestant Clears stuffy noses to ease breathing.

Four throat lozenges

Cough drops Lozenges that slowly melt to soothe scratchy throats.

A bowl of soup

Soup Not only a traditional remedy, studies suggest chicken soup can have a real effect on colds and flu.

To energise

A girl holding a cup of tea

Fruit and herbal teas Sipping warm liquid can ease congestion and help relaxation.

Some halved oranges

Energy tablets with Vitamin C Helps to boost the immune system and energy levels.

Honey on toast

Honey Has naturally occurring medicinal properties and can effectively soothe a tickly cough

To protect

A girl applying lip balm

Lip balm Stops lips from becoming chapped, dry and irritated.

A drop of hand gel

Hand sanitiser A convenient way to keep hands clean and stop illness spreading.

A lady blowing her nose

Tissues Coughs and sneezes spread diseases, but it's not an issue when they've got a tissue!

These images are for illustrative purposes only.

Says more than a card

Get well soon cards are great but Mend A Friend care packages go that extra mile. We think it's better to give a gift that says Get well soon... and here are some things to help! and that's exactly what our care packages do.

Does more than flowers

It costs about £25 to have a decent bunch of flowers delivered these days. That's a lot of money and with a bunged-up nose, your friend probably won't be able to smell them anyway! Send something that will keep them warm and comfortable - like a Mend A Friend care package!


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